Crimefest 2022: Panels of Day 1, Thursday 12.05.

Panel 1: PARTNERS IN CRIME: CRIME-SOLVING DUOS (Thomas Enger, Stuart Field, Michael Kurland, Russ Thomas, Participating Moderator: Sam Holland)

Panel 2: ALL IN THE PAST: THE ENDURING FASCINATION WITH HISTORICAL CRIME FICTIO (Kate Ellis, Mark Ellis, Carolyn Kirby, Leigh Russell, Participating Moderator: Linda Stratmann)

Panel 3: TICKING CLOCKS: IS CRIME FICTION A RACE AGAINST TIME (Steve Cavanagh, Jørn Lier Horst, Tina Orr Munro, Trevor Wood, Participating Moderator: L.F. Robertson)

Panel 4: YOU’RE HAVING A LAUGH: HUMOUR IN CRIME Fiction (Helen Fitzgerald, Amita Murray, Antti Tuomainen, Participating Moderator: Dolores Gordon-Smith)

Crimefest 2022: Panels of Day 2, Friday 13.05.

Panel 1: 40 YEARS OF CHANGE: FROM THE DEPRESSED 30s TO THE SWINGING 60s (Tim Glister, Michael Kurland, John Lawton, Niki Mackay, Participating Moderator: Luke McCallin)

Panel 2: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: NOT SO PERFECT LIVES (Tina Baker, L.F. Robertson, Vanessa Savage, Catriona Ward, Participating Moderator: Caroline England)

Panel 3: THIS IS THE MODERN WORLD: SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA (Simon Conway, Fiona Erskine, Antony Johnston, Eve Smith, Participating Moderator: Christine Poulson)

Panel 4: NETFLIX’ THE STAIRCASE: PLEADING GUILTY TO A CRIME YOU DIDN’T COMMIT? (Steve Cavanagh (defence), Imran Mahmood (prosecution), Ayo Onatade (The Judge)

Panel 5: SLEUTHS ABROAD: CRIME IN FOREIGN CLIMES (Peter Hanington, David Hewson, Vaseem Khan, Louise Mangos, Participating Moderator: Barry Forshaw)

Panel 6: VIOLENCE & GORE: SWEET OLD LADIES & SERIAL KILLERS (Vicki Bradley, Thomas Enger, Nadine Matheson, Alan McDermott, Participating Moderator: Victoria Selman)

Crimefest 2022: Panels of Day 3, Saturday 14.05.

Panel 1: HOW MUCH BLOOD?: DEPICTIONS OF VIOLENCE (D.V. Bishop, Ruth Dudley Edwards, Lisa Hall, T.E. Kinsey, Participating Moderator: Daisy White)

Panel 2: LAW AND DISORDER: CROSSING LINES (Elle Croft, Ross Greenwood, Douglas Lindsay, S.W. Williams, Participating Moderator: Caro Ramsay)

Panel 3: MORALITY AND JUSTICE: WHO DECIDES RIGHT AND WRONG? (Kia Abdullah, M.K. Hill, Jack Jordan, Luke McCallin, Participating Moderator: Alice Clark-Platts)

Interview: Featured Guest Author: ANN CLEEVES

Panel 4: POWER CORRUPTS: ABUSES OF POWER (D.V. Bishop, Alex Dahl, David Penny, Jane Shemilt, Participating Moderator: Vaseem Khan)

Panel 5: I’M READY FOR MY CLOSE-UP: FROM PAGE TO SCREEN (Ann Sleeves, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Antti Tuomainen, Participating Moderator: Kevin Wignall)

Crimefest 2022: Panels of Day 4, Sunday 15.05.

Panel 1: THE GOLDEN AGE: THE COLLINS CRIME CLUB AND DETECTION CLUB (David Brawn, Martin Edwards, Janet Laurence, Barry Ryan, Participating Moderator: Simon Brett


* Cathy Ace (on Ian Fleming’s Bond novels)
* D.V. Bishop (on Morse, the television series)
* Robert Goddard (on Hergé’s Tintin books)
* Peter Hanington (on journalistic heroes in crime and thriller fiction)
Quizmaster: Maxim Jakubowski


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